Installing Maxx Freelander Stainless Steel Side Steps

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Maxx Freelander series 1 Stainless Steel Side Steps

Maxx Stainless Steel Side Steps for the Land Rover Freelander series 1


The Maxx LR-C006 Classic stainless steel side step kit is suitable for all Freelander models including Petrol and Diesel. There is a 5 dr kit with step pads and a 3dr kit without. Please note that all Freelander models, 3dr and 5dr share the same floor pan.

The main box will contain a pair of stainless steel side steps (One for each side of the car) and a seperate fitting box which contains 4no. Powder coated steel brackets and a bag of nuts, bolts and washers. A detailed pictures board is also enclosed with a written installation guide.

The steps will be foam wrapped and it is a good idea to leave this in place until the steps are actually on the car.

Step 1. Locate and remove the small plastic trim which covers the joint at the base of the front wing and sill. Just pull it down and away.

Step 2. Locate the small bolt which was beneath the cover, clean it well and lubricate with plenty of WD40 or similar. Once soaked remove and discard.

Step 3. Attatch the small T bolt from the fitting pack loosly onto the rear face of the front bracket and insert the head of the T bolt into the hole in the side of the chassis rail. This hole is the size of a 2p piece and is directly opposite the small bolt that was removed in step 2.

Once inserted lift the bracket upwards and position the steel loop on the front of the bracket over the hole where the small bolt came from. There will be a new, longer bolt in the fitting pack wheich is used to attach the loop to the original threaded hole.

Hand tighten all bolts allowing some free play for adjustment later.

Step 4. Locate the correct rear bracket (Sided) and also the long plate nut as supplied. This is the steel plate with two nuts welded on to it. Look up and under the rear of the car towards the rear of the sill and in the floor pan you will see two holes (One larger than the other) Insert the plate nut into the larger hole and center the welded nuts over each hole.

Offer up the rear bracket and bolt up ussing the parts supplied. Once again hand tight leaving some free play for adjustment later.

Step 5. With some help from a fried offer the side step up to the vehicle and attach using the nuts, bolts and washers supplied. If at the stage the brackets do not line up (By a couple of inches) it will mean that you have the rear brackets fitted on the wrong sides.

Once all bolts are in place it is just a case of adjusting the steps for a good line along the car and fully tightening all bolts. There is no need to over tighten but please check all bolts again after a couple of weeks.

Repeat for the other side.

Total installation time is around 1 hour and requires just basic tools.

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