Installing a ADSL/DSL Modem

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This guide will give you a better insight into how to use and install a ADSL/DSL modem properly, some buyers have experienced problems when installing the modems which prompted for the guide to be written.
1.    Firstly you have to ensure that your computer complies with the required specifications on the products box/description.  If you’re not sure where to find such information you should check your computer documentation from when you first purchased your computer or by Right clicking on my computer selecting Properties, on that page will be a quick glance of what hardware your computer has, your computer should exceed or match what is required on the modem box/description.
2.    Because a ADSL modem operates in a different way to a standard 56k Fax modem you are required to install ADSL/DSL filters to separate the frequencies which exist on your line, the filter has a wire which plugs into your standard BT telephone socket while the other two enable you to connect a modem to the one and a telephone to the other.  Please note that you can only connect ONE modem to a single BT line, operating more than one modem simultaneously will cause you to have a problematic and un-reliable broadband service not recommended.
3.    Now you need to boot up the subject computer and logon to windows, insert the CD labeled install CD or Driver CD into your CD Rom drive, normally the CD will start automatically if not you will have to navigate to My Computer Selecting the appropriate CD Drive (Normally Drive D:) and looking for a file normally named Install.exe or Setup.exe once you have found this file double click.
4.    You are now presented with a few options we wish to click Install Modem/Drivers,  you will be asked to read a license agreement which you must read and understand and other questions such as where you wish to install the software to, in normal circumstances it is recommended that you leave the installation directory the same.
5.    Once you have installed the software/drivers you may be prompted to plug in the modem, removing the modem from the box and plugging in a USB cable to the back of the modem and to a spare port on your computer.
6.    The software will recommend you to reboot, you must do so...
7.    Once your computer has booted up and you have returned to windows you are required to create a Dialup Connection, hence we are not on dialup but requires the same sequence...
8.    Navigate to Control panel, which can be found on the start menu in windows XP/2000 and in My Computer in previous versions.  
9.    We wish to select Network Connections in windows XP or Dialup networking in previous windows Versions.
10.    In windows xp to the left you will see a icon saying create new connection, single click this icon
11.    Press next.
12.    We wish to select "Connect to the Internet"
13.    Set up my connection manually, Next...
14.    Connect Using a Dialup Modem, Next...
15.    You are prompted to enter the name of your ISP (Internet Service Provider) enter the name and press next...
16.    You are prompted to enter a phone number, you must enter "0,38" without the inverted comers. Press Next...
17.    You are asked if you wish to share this connection with other users you may decided against this and select Me Use only, once selected press Next...
18.    With the documentation provided by your ISP you will have a username & password, you are to enter this information into the correct fields confirming the password.  Press Next...
19.    Press Finnish, you will now see a box displaying your username and password hidden with the "0,38" telephone number we now need to select Properties.
20.    On the general tab at the top you can see a modem; this modem should be the one you have just installed if not select the correct one using the drop down or the properties button.  Once you have corrected these settings press OK!
21.    To test the connection Click Dial
22.    You should now be connected to the internet using your New ADSL Broadband Modem.

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