Instant and automatic delivery of digital eBay products

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One of the problems with selling digital downloads is making sure they are delivered on time and without hassle.  The E W Portal solves this and many other problems as it will deliver digital goods 24/7, 365 days a year even whilst you sleep.

The portal is built around the reliable paypal IPN interface and uses the power and flexibility of PHP to prevent you missing an order

The E W Portal 1.7DC version comes complete with a unique ebay plug in which unlike other digital download products means you no longer have to enter the item number every time you liist.  All you do is create your master advert in your favourite HTML editor or Turbo lister, insert a small invisible bit of code and then everytime you upload the item it will go into auto pilot mode making selling digital goods as easy as A B C.

The E W Business Portal has various anti fraud features i place such as liniting the customer  to 3 attempts or 24 hours to obtain the file (or how many you set) which will help prevent your link being posted all over the internet and in forums.  This means the only people to download your product will be the people who buy it.

The E W portal also prevents HTML PEEKERS from trying to steal your software  looking for a return url to your files. All files are kept in a Hidden and secure Download Location so not even your purchaser will know where the file is kept.

Although the E W Portal is aimed at Digital Downloads being sold on ebay or via your website it can be used for non digital items.  In the case of non downloadable items you can send your customers details of delivery information. By using the E W Business Portal system you can ensure that the client pays the correct price for their purchase and that the funds are sitting in your paypal account before you dispatch the goods.

This powerful yet very easy to install script unlike OS Commerce can not be hacked and is easy to blend in with the the design of your site.

As you can see this really is a must for anyone  planning to set up an online business selling goods/services especially if you are selling digital downloads via ebay.

Less work + Instant Delivery  =  happy Customers


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