Interactive Fifi Flowertots

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Interactive Fifi is one of the top talking dolls that are available for little girls for this Christmas.  Fifi is part of the Flowertot group and I believe they have a tv programme and you can also buy dvd's.

In fact, my grand-daughter if Flowertot mad at the moment and of course Nanny is buying her one for Christmas.

Now this is where the issue is - I am a keen e-bayer - both for selling and buying and pride myself on selling good quality items and always try and describe whatever the fault is however small.  In fact I only have one negative feedback and that was out of spite when the person renaged on the bid because they hadn't read the ad properly - YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE IF YOU ARE READING THIS !

My point to every buyer out there is DO YOUR HOMEWORK FIRST. 

I looked on e-bay to see if Fifi was available and yes she is (was) in original packing so making it brand new.  I checked on the bidding but to my surprise the bidding was already at £26.00 including the postage.  The reason I find this strange is that Fifi is in Argos for £24.99.  The seller was also offering batteries for sale but my Fifi came with batteries included for £24.99.

Of course I also understand that e-bay is convenient.  You bid, you win, you wait and it either gets posted through your letterbox or in Fifi's case the postman knocks.  I also understand there are unfortunate people who are housebound and rely entirely on internet shopping.  But once again, BE AWARE that you do sometimes in the excitement of it all pay far too much for items on e-bay that you can buy much cheaper - straight from the shop - have it delivered sometimes free - and with batteries included.

E-bay is fun, exciting with the thrills of gambling when you are winning - but make sure you are getting a bargain and that you don't end up paying over the odds when you could get it cheaper elsewhere.




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