Interior Door Handle FAQs

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Can these handles be used on a front door or external door?

You can use them on an exterior door, and many people do, but unfortunately due to weathering conditions the handles may not last as long as you would  have liked.  Our handles are no different to anyone else's in a lot of respects but we do specify they are preferred as internal door handles. If you need exterior door handles look towards upvc door handles (for upvc doors) or specifically described exterior door handles that have special finishes like PVD or are a higher grade stainless steel. Available on our website. 

What type of door handle do I need for a bathroom door?

There are 2 types of bathroom handles that can be fitted to bathroom doors. 
Firstly you can use a handle with a back plate which includes a Thumbturn. When using these you will need a bathroom Sashlock to operate the lock. The bathroom Sashlock does come in 2 different sizes, and needs to  be measured to ensure you order the correct size for your door.
The second type of handle you can use is a lever on rose door handle, but you would need to use a separate thumbturn lock to be able to lock and unlock the door. This is usually positioned underneath the lever on rose handle, and usually uses a tubular door latch for the handle and tubular deadbolt for the Thumbturn. Again these would both need to be measured to ensure you order the correct size.

What type of handles and locks are used on interior doors?

There are several main types:

Lever Latch Door handle - A lever that operates a latch in the side of the door. The most common door handles found on the market.
Lever Lock Door handle - a handle with a keyhole. Used with a Mortice Sashlock
Lever Euro Door handle - a handle which has a hole for a Euro Cylinder, used with a Euro sashlock.
Lever Bathroom Door handle - a handle with a Thumbturn used with a bathroom Sashlock. 
Lever Privacy Door handle - handles that can be locked from one side of the door. No lock required. The Thumbturn jams the handle in placed so the lever cannot be pushed downwards to open the handle
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How long will the finish last?

If the handles are used on internal doors then yes they will last as long as the correct care is given. The key to this is to take care when cleaning the handles as they only need a dry cloth . Avoid any chemical cleaners and do not fit to freshly painted doors as this may cause pitting and flaking to the finish of the handles. The vapors from some paints could start the plating to decompose.  It is good to keep the handles clean on a regular basis, so there is no build up from everyday hand greases.

What are your door handles made from?

Nearly ALL of the interior door handles these days are made from either an aluminium or a zinc alloy. The finishing is electro-plated and in some cases the plating is coated but in most cases we can say the quality  excellent value for money. There are fewer designs these days that are made from solid brass and this is largely due to cost.
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