Internal Battery drained in Pokemon GOLD & SILVER Games

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The Internal Battery on Pokemon Gold, Silver & Crystal Gameboy Color Games

There are many Pokemon Gold, Silver & Crystal Games on eBay however most of the people who buy them aren't aware of the Internal Battery inside them, now after 8years or so of being played the internal battery has either already died or will soon be dying (unless it has already been changed), this is recognisable as the game will be unable to keep a save game.

You will either have to find someone proffessional to change the battery (I doubt you will be able to) or do it yourself; (it's not that hard; I've done it and I'm rubbish with technology lol).

To Change it yourself

  • You will need a good CR2025 Battery (not a cheap one)
  • A flat screwdriver (small one with a very thin head)
  • A screwdriver that will be able to remove the special game screw

Remove the screw (counter-clockwise rotation) from the back (I used a 2 pronged screw bit I found in my dad's tool box ^_^;). The back slides off easily, inside you will see the motherboard and the big round flat battery (this is already visible through the case of Pokemon Crystal). Across the top of the battery is a metal strip that connects to the motherboard; Use the flat headed screwdriver to carefully remove the contacts (on gold & Silver the contacts are usually soldered 4 "dots") between this strip and the battery DO NOT break off the strip from the motherboard. Once the contacts have been severed carefully do the same to the underneath of the battery (do not pull the battery up just slide the screwdriver underneath and hold the battery down while pushing the screwdriver through the contacts.

Once the battery has been removed, place the new one postive side facing the board; between both strips and use tape to secure it in and then place the back on and insert the screw (clockwise rotation this time)

Put in your gameboy, turn it on, play a game for 5mins save the game, turn it off and then wait a minute or so, turn it back on again and if there's a Continue option it has worked =]

Use a good battery (the original one was a panasonic) so that you get another good 5years+ gameplay out of it (the length it lasts depends on whether or not you keep a save game stored on it for long periods the more you do the less it will last but it should last about as long as the original).

I will take some photo's if that will be of help to you =]


The are other games that have internal batteries but I don't know which ones they are


NB: The internal battery is required to keep the day & time, it is also connected to the save game data so once it dies or is removed all memory will be lost!

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