Interparcel and delivery

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Buyer beware.

If you use interparcel make sure you check the restricted and prohibited item list - it is so long that I would be amazed if you can actually send anything at all by this company. Some items are listed due to international/national restrictions, but many are not subject to these - you cannot, for instance, send jewellery over £250 with this company, or any item that 'is not boxed'. However, if you do happen to have an item that is not on these lists, when you book a collection time do not operate under the illusion that they will actually collect it between the times you have requested, even though the web site will say the time is available. No, be ready for the surly telephone call that tells you ten minutes before the collection time is due to start that the van is not available. And then, do not expect the item to arrive intact. We (stupidly) sent an induction hob (ok, I now know it is on the 'thou shall not send these items' list) which of course got broken. We called the customer service (a loose term - no service) to be told that items get quote 'thrown about and dropped off conveyors, that is how the system works'. My advice - select a different company or use this one only if you are certain your item will come to no harm through this type of rough handling.
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