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I recently used Interparcel to ship three large items back to London from an exhibition I ran in St Andrews, Scotland. I paid £120 for same day collection on Friday 23rd May, and next day Saturday delivery to my home. 10 days later and they have still only delivered one item and the other packages containing valuable equipment are still missing.

The carrier appointed by Interparcel was TNT, and their failures are too numerous to describe in detail but the short form is as follows:

1. TNT were 'too busy' to collect my packages on the Friday as scheduled and paid for.

2. Instead of going back to collect them the next day, or even the next working day, they simply left the packages there until the customer (me) complained.

3. When eventually they did bother to go and collect them, they only collected 2 of the 3 parcels, leaving the other one lying there - even though the three parcels were all together and three items were on the collection details.

4. After numerous calls to the venue and to Interparcel they arranged another collection to collect the remaining package, for shipment the following day (Friday 30th - 7 days after initially booking the shipment).

5. The following day (Friday 30th) they only delivered 1 of my packages. I called Interparcel again, and they said they would look into it and call me back. Needless to say they never called me back.

6. Its now Monday 2nd June and still no sign of the missing 2 packages. Phoned Interparcel yet again and it appears that the guy who delivered the one package last Friday had duped me into signing for two packages - so as far as TNT are concerned they are only missing one item. Also they say they are re-arranging the collection of the third parcel - days after telling me they'd already collected it!

I now feel little hope of ever seeing the missing items and intend starting down the insurance/compensation/legal route if the stuff doesn't show up by midweek.

My advice - don't use them for anything valuable or if you want to avoid a lot of disappointment and hassle on the phone.


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