Introducing a new baby to your dog

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We got our big fury baby when he was a pup, and he had our sole focus at home for the first couple of years of his life....Like I said before, our fury baby. The day came, we got pregnant, and diesel our dog, wasn't going to be our sole priority anymore. We used to have family members say we would have to keep a close eye on diesel as he would probably get jealous, and not leave the 2 alone together! This thought scared me! What happens if the 2 didn't get along, diesel because jealous towards the baby, starts getting naughty etc. So we took it upon ourselves to introduce diesel to all the babies things before baby was here. Let him in the nursery to have a noisy around, and most of all keep him included, and not to push him out. 

The day came for baby to arrive, I had my first in hospital, so my mum came to look after my fury lad. (A treat he thoroughly enjoys). Once baby was here, and when my hubby went home, he took a few of baby's clothes, and blankets home to leave around the house, that baby had worn so diesel had chance to have a sniff and get use to his smell. Once we brought baby home, I was nervous about the dog and the baby. Because of the size of him ( he's like a small horse) and a tiny baby. Diesel was more excited to see me, so I gave him the fuss he needed. then he caught scent of baby, so with baby in my arms, I let him sniff and give baby a kiss. After all diesel is apart of the family.

i think you need to keep the dog involved, and let him show the affection towards baby. Also have one on one time with just you and the dog to. As this is a big life changing event for the dog, and they will be learning just as much as you on how to cope with baby. As I think, as soon as you start pushing the dog out, and not letting them see baby, spend time with you all etc, that's when they start becoming jealous. After all they are family too, and you wouldnt push your other child out because you have a new baby, so why do it to a dog? 

P.s still be careful with baby and dog, as you can never trust a dog 100%. But just enjoy family life with them all.
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