Introducing the Honda SMX

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The Honda SMX is the original leader of the Japanese minivans.First manufactured in 1996 the SMX or S-MX (Street Movement Xtra) come in a basic version or Base and the more popular Lowdown version.The latter took off immediately and simply spread throughout Japan like wildfire.The SMX is basically a CRV but with a different shell,it shares the same engine and running gear as the CRV.The SMX also shares alot of parts with the Accord and Prelude.

The Honda SMX along with the Nissan Cube and the Toyota BB are set to take off here in the UK in the next couple of years.With the increasing rise in fuel costs and larger vehicles being slammed with higher road tax prices the Japanese import scene is looking towards smaller more economical vehicles to import.The SMX,Cube and BB are very popular in Japan and I believe they will be here to.

The reliability of Honda makes the SMX a really smart choice.The single back door enables back seat passengers to disembark on the pavement making the SMX very popular with parents with small children.

The SMX is also a great choice for the younger driver too.All the seating folds down flat to make a double bed.It`s compact funky,cute looks and it`s reliability with the not too big and not too small 2 litre engine that gives approximately 35 miles to the gallon around town and 40 on a long run make for a great motoring out for the SMX,they are coming to a street near you.....For the specification of the SMX visit www click on Japanese Car Catalogue and follow the links to the SMX.You can also find more info on the SMX at www or visit the UK forum at www

You can also find lots of SMX parts at www They are an auction based site in Japan.Become a member and then type SMX in the keyword toolbar in the Auction search page...............Be one of a few......................

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