Introduction to using Tingsha cymbals from the Himalaya

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Tingsha, Tingshaws, or Himalayan Cymbals are used by Buddhist monks. They are also used in Shamanistic traditions.Just like Singing bowls they are reputed to be made from 7 metals.They come in numerous Styles and sizes. The more commonly seen Tingsha usually have designs such as the Ashtamangala Symbols (8 symbols of Happiness), Om Mani Pedme Hung (The Universal Mantra), and mythical animals such as Dragons. Tingshaws are held together with a leather thong and are struck together to produce sound. The sound of the cymbals is frquently compared to a Summons to be `in the here and now`..In meditation Tingsha can open and close the session. A Modern use for Tingshaws is in Music, Sound and Art therapy. The client may use the Cymbals to `Tune` into themselves or a therapist may strike them over a client in different positions.


If you would like to see further examples of Tingsha please click on the link below

Link to Ritual instruments such as Tingshas,Singing bowls,+ Dorje,


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