Inversion Table Buyers Guide

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It is documented that inversion therapy has been a solution to ailments such as back pain going back to as early as 400 BC.  If you are considering investing in an inversion table, we have some tips for you as you compare your options.  You can research inversion therapy further by checking more articles here at the BetterHealthInnovations eBay Store

It can be difficult to know which inversion table would work best for you. There’s a dozen or more brands, countless models, a vast selection of stores and on-line retailers from which to buy, and not to mention… a wide range of prices! Shopping for an inversion table can be difficult and confusing, this guide should help.

Which Brand Table?

This is probably one of the first questions you have.  As inversion therapy gets more popular, more companies are offering solutions.  Some work well... others do not.  It is very important to consider the following when making a purchase:


Make sure the company known for producing good quality products.  You will be hanging upside down, clamped only by your ankles, which is something you do not want to do on a table manufactured using substandard materials or processes.

Here's a quick tip: take a look at how much an inversion table weighs.  This can be an indication of the quality of materials used.  Would you feel secure hanging from an inversion table that weighs twenty pounds?  Didn't think so...

Certifications and listings

Third party compliance testing companies like UL (Underwriters Laboratories) test products for public safety and are reputed for their stringent standards. UL is an independent, not-for profit product safety testing and certification organization.  Each year more than 17 billion UL Marks are applied to products throughout the world.  Testing you are looking for when shopping for a non-power inversion table is to the UL 2601-1 standard.

UL 2601-1 is a very rigorous specification that tests a unit in its extreme use positions. At the maximum height settings, the 300 pound rated load is tested at the fully inverted position with a 400% safety factor. Note that power inversion tables should be certified to the UL 1647 standard.

Look for the UL Mark when buying an inversion table!  Trust me, you wouldn't buy a toaster without a UL Mark, do you think you should buy an inversion table without one?

Here to stay?

Find out how long the company been manufacturing inversion equipment.  Be wary when inversion is not the focus of brand you are considering.  Inversion table brands come and go.  The only way to be confident that your purchase will be supported in the future is by buying an established long-time brand name.


Inversion equipment should be built to withstand years of use, but it is important to know that a company will stand behind the products it builds. Insist on at least a five year warranty!

Support Materials

Make sure that your inversion equipment comes with quality support materials that show you how to assemble and use the equipment, including printed manuals and a video or DVD. This is critical for setting up your equipment properaly and getting the most from it.

Return policies

The reality is, for one reason or another, sometimes products need to be exchanged or returned. Be sure you are working with a company that will make this process easy and painless.

What Should You Pay? 

The highest quality inversion equipment will not be the cheapest available, but it may not be the most expensive either. The manufacturer of your table must make manufacturing choices that result in the best quality product at the most reasonable price.

Independant Comparison Testing

Please understand that this guide is not an advertisement for any particular brand of Inversion Table.  However, we have been able to find only one manufacturer who meets everything we just talked about.  They also provide some of the best independant test data in the industry.  During recent product quality tests performed by an independant non-biased engineering firm (Dyanmark Engineering) several brands were evaluated through static load and cycle testing.

Here are the results, which speak for themselves:

The Teeter Hang Ups (R) brand is represented by the far left bar in both charts, demostrating significantly better test results than all others.

Tables were cycled using the manufactures maximum user-weight limit, which ranged from 250 lbs to 350 lbs.

Inversion tables tested (in alphabetical order):
Kettler (Apollo)
Life Gear (75112)
Life Gear (75128)
Motion Fitness (GT1000)
Stamina (Inversion Pro 551529)
Teeter Hang Ups (F5000)
Weslo (System WLBE)

Since they are the only manufacturer to exceed our requirements and have superior test results, we strongly recommend the Teeter Hang Ups brand of Inversion Tables.

When you purchase your inversion table, make sure you purchase it from an authorized dealer.  This ensures you will receive the latest model and full warranty.  Also, we recommend that you purchase from a knowledgeable dealer such as ourselves.

You can see the entire Teeter Hang Ups line of inversion tables and read more about inversion therapy at our ebay store:

You may learn about us here: View My About Me Page


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