Inversion Table How to Use

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How To use an Inversion Table

Inversion table Inverting How to Use Guide

How long should I invert ?

This varies between people. New Inversion table users should start slow, invert for only a minute or two during the first week, when you start to feel more comfortable then extend the length of time you spend inverting. The angle of inversion also effects the lenght of inversion that is comfortable. The shallower the angle the longer you can stay on. Most people will build upto five to 15 minutes twice a day.

To what degree should I invert ?

Beginners should start at a mild angle for the first few weeks until you become comfortable,(20-30 degrees). 20-30 degrees at this angle your body begins to experience mild stretching to muscles and joints. 60 degress (parallel with the rear legs of the table). This is the angle to which you will experience virtyally all the benefits of inversion. Your spine recieves the amount of traction it needs to decompress. Most people dont need to go betond this angle. 90 degress (full inversion). In full inversion your boday hangs freely to preform inverted exercises and stretching. Never go full inversion unless you are comfortable withit.

Is it normal to go red faced and feel pressure ?

This is normal and good for you the more you invert the more accustomed you become to this sensation. If you do feel uncomfortable come up for a rest.

How to I focus on lower back?

In partial inversion try rotating from side to side gently or slowly rocking your pelvis forward and backward. At full inversion ab exercises aid the lower back.

Upper back

Most upper back pain is tension and stress, so totaly relaxing while inverting is a great help. Try deep breathing exercisers, also a inverted back massage is great. Try also rounding your shoulders fowrd and pushing them back. Also stretch one arm at a time across the torso.


Try rotating your head from side to side angain massaging. Also rest your arms behind you head at te base of the skull.

What exercises to recommend ?

Gental stretching by crossing over one over the body and the other gripping the oppisite side of the frame, arching the torso, rotaing the head from side to sie, lifting the head and pushing the shoulders back. Once you are comfortable with been fully inverted you can try inverted crunches, sit ups and inverted squats.

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