Iron Fixing Silk and Fabric Paints - Hints and Tips

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Fixing the dye paint is very simple. Let the design dry fully preferably leaving overnight as this helps set the paint onto the fabric. Then iron the design on the reverse side of the fabric at the hottest setting that your fabric will allow. If you are using a hot cotton temperature 2-3 minutes is sufficient. If having to use a cooler temperature then iron for a little longer - up to 5 or 6 minutes. If you are using an extra fine fabric, such as fine silk organza, you may want to use a piece of baking parchment or fine fabric cloth to lay over your design before ironing. If you do this you will need to extend the ironing time a bit as the ironing cloth will take away some of the heat. When finished I leave overnight again - and then wash in hot soapy water to remove any excess paint - rinse thoroughly. You can add fabric conditioner at this stage if desired. I have found that after this initial wash the dye is quite permanent and does not run. If you need any further advice please ask - all the best, Anne ;0)
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