Irregular Choice Shoes - size guide and where to buy

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Created by brighton designer Danny Sullivan, IC shoes are instantly recognisable by their trademark patterned soles and funky style.. including camel toe design and pointed clog-type semi-pointed toe design.....

It's easy to see why we are addicted to IC shoes!!!!

These shoes are cool, quirky & original.... but unfortunately quite hard to get hold of!

Places to buy them:

  • (new styles only but get the brand new stlyes first)
  • (cheaper than above but limited selection but stock older styles)
  • (very limited selection, newer styles only)
  • (USA only)
  • EBAY!!! (great for finding discontinued & sold-out styles)

Sizing guide:

  • older styles can come up a bit small.. if you are a half size (eg uk 5.5) i recommend getting the next size up (eg a uk 6)
  • some listings use the european sizing... as a rough guide a UK6 is a EUR39
  • as uk5 and uk6 are the most popular sizes, these often sell out first in stores
  • uk 5 and uk6 size secondhand IC shoes have the biggest selection and sell-rate on ebay compared to other sizes

Reselling IC shoes (eg secondhand):

  • good condition  second-hand IC shoes can be bought at a bargain price on ebay
  • some of the rarer/more popular/sold-out/discontinued IC shoes can sell for more than their original purchase price if they are in good condition
  • some styles are collectible becuase they are rare and discontinued and unique!
  • reselling with the original IC box can increase re-sale value 
  • unused shoes with the trademark patterened sole can also increase re-sale value


I hope that this guide has been helpful to you....

Check out my IC shoe listings & complete your collection!

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