Is It Better to Use the Car Wash or Hand-wash Your Auto?

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Is It Better to Use the Car Wash or Hand-wash Your Auto?

Owning a car requires paying attention to periodical upkeep, and this involves keeping it clean. Irrespective of how well maintained a car is on the inside, a shabby looking car is just that. Car owners have different car cleaning options, from using an automatic car wash, to washing on their own, to employing a neighbour's kid, to hiring a valeting service.


Automatic Car Washes

While a few studies speak in favour of automatic car washes, many purists believe otherwise. For starters, some old car washes continue using abrasive brushes that can scratch the finish of paint jobs. Even with ones that use only high-pressure jet wash systems, the air-drying process that follows can leave swirl marks on the surface. Water under high pressure can also strip sealants and waxes, and car washes that use cleaning solutions with harsh chemicals further damage the paint. Moreover, wheel guides that keep cars in place can scratch exteriors, and cars with low suspensions risk undercarriage damage. In addition, while most use a variety of suitable car wash brushes and cloths, keep in mind that they tend to use the same ones over and over again, and these can be hotbeds of dirt and other particulate. The main benefit is they offer a quick and convenient way to do the job.


Hand-washing Your Auto

One of the biggest drawbacks of car washes is the absence of the right kind of contact, and besides, washing only makes up for one step in taking care of a car's exterior. Manual waxing, polishing, and claying play important roles in removing embedded particulate and restoring finish, and these steps do not have comparable alternatives in the automatic realm. Hand-washing also allows people to pay special attention to trouble spots. One reason people do not hand-wash their cars is to avoid causing scratches; however, using sufficient water, clean microfibre cloths and gentle car shampoos takes care of this issue. Stick to hand-applied car wax and not the spray-on kind because the latter does not offer equally good protection against UV damage.


Professional Car Valeting

People who do not have time to hand-wash their cars can turn to professional car valeting services in which professional cleaners hand clean cars in stages. Often very detailed, they can clean the exterior as well as the interior. Some of the valeting products these professionals use include car wash machines, mild detergents, acid-free degreasers, detail clay, waxes, and polishes. They also use a variety of brushes, applicators, and drying towels. While car valeting is a better option than the previous two, it is also more expensive.

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