Is The eBay Feedback System Fair and Equal Sided?

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If you rely on members feedback scores to help you decide to buy be warned!

Ebays feedback system needs a review, my reasons are listed below.


You sell an item in good faith as untested,the buyer then does not leave you feedback, or negative feedback if it does not work.


You have a  100% positive feedback record, someone buys your item  and doesnt pay for it

your first reaction is to leave negative feedback, but you know if you do they will most likely leave you negative feedback in return, spoiling your 100% rating. What can you do?



Some ebayers buy 1p items just to get a positive rating, how about all the ebayers who buy more expensive items, i.e a luxury motorhome for £25000 ?


Can  someone work out a fair feedback policy that protects your feedback, or rewards you with more feedback scores the more you spend?

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