Is anyone fed-up with fakes on eBay.....?

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I have been a member of eBay for the past 5 Years, and year in year out it is becoming a badder place to buy. Every year i read 100's of articles on how customers surfing the net are realed in to scams.... I personally am fed up with setteling second best to the every day "Dell Boy" selling fakes Polo Shirts, fakes wallets, fake jumpers! I can no longer afford to list designer products on eBay because i am in fear that it will not sell for half of what it is worth. I am continuously competing against the 100's and thousands of fakes online. Take for instance a Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt, the retail for one of these garments is around £50-£60 GBP, however they sell on eBay for about £10-£15. Buyers need to be ware that noone can afford to sell these for this price and make a profit - they are cheap, chinese fakes! Imports that will fall apart in your washing machine.

We as a whole need to put a stop to this, eBay used to be known as a genuine market place where you could grab a genuine bargain, yet both benefit the buyer and seller. Now...... well it's much, much different!

I am sure you have all heard the saying. "If it's to cheap, it's to good to be true" and yes this goes especially for the eBay market place.

We are slowly coming to one of the biggest sells time of the year, Christmas. Where sellers see it essential to flog as much junk as possible, please beaware what you are purchasing! Take a look at the sellers feedback, and take a look at the sellers star rating and products sold and selling! Chances are if the seller i selling 100's of the same product to cheap it is going to be fake and you are going to be terribly dissapointed.

At the end of the day, its your money, your choice.

Be careful and good luck!

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