Is it NEW ! ! or Sold as NEW 1 ! !

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Its listed as new until you receive your item and find out it is infact secondhand and in many cases its not even in a new condition. Does this sound familiar ?

Ebay has made many sussessful sellers over the years but unfortuantly they are many sellers now who have learned if they list as new they get more money, most of these seller are pat time seller and as such you generally find out they is nothing you can do about it.

We have noticed especially over the past 12 months a significant increase in this, everyday we must receive several emails asking if our goods are brand new or in a new condition.

Here are our simple guides to beating the cheats-

  1. Always checkout the sellers feedback.
  2. Try to choose a experienced seller with many feedbacks.
  3. A professional seller will list full product details and disclose accurate condition of the product.
  4. A seller selling 100+ items per month with a good feedback score can be trusted.
  5. But a seller only selling a few items a month with low feedback is a much higher risk.
  6. If you do have any questions dont hesitate to contact the seller and a professioanl seller should reply back within 24hrs.
  7. If a seller is a square trade varified member they they are much safer to trade with as square trade has certain criterias that must be met before a seller is accepted.
  8. Still not sure then contact past buyers and ask how they was dealt with.

These are just a few things that will ensure you a safer sale.

Unfortunatly these bad sellers make it harder for legitimate sellers here on ebay.

We are a UK registered business, with many feedbacks, square trade varified and carry a very good record. We deal with official UK pal video games, accessories and consoles. This guide was written due to the vast amount of questions received about condition of goods.

One last thing ! ! !

Follow our guide but most of all have fun at ebay as well as saving some money.

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