Is it me or is Ebay turning into a Junk exchange?

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Bear with me. I have been with ebay around 10 years. Maybe more.

In the last 3 months I`ve been bummed by sellers knocking on absolute crap. I,ve had 3 disputes and have had to resort to the `Resolution Center`  which is basically a whole load of nothing (with no humans involved). The whole system is based on trust and if someone sells you a hunk of dung masquerading as a `quality item` then you can argue the bit out with the seller and accept a discount or whatever pish you agree to mutually or escalate to Customer support (which, incidentally is another whole load of zero).
 I,m in the middle of two `cases` that when I`,m done and I have got refunded hopefully (minus the fees and postage , my inconvenience , time and anything else I,ve lost or has been taken prior to receiving absolutely nothing by the way) I`ll be cancelling my account.
 I should have said accounts but really Ebay and Paypal are the same company and stick it to you twice when you do any transaction. Put it this way. Insertion fees/listing fees. All the guff after it - subtitle 25p, gallery 15p bigger pictures , Buy it now,  planned listing time fees etc etc. Then the sellers fees and the emails they send saying `slight changes to your account` that affect final valuation fees and then the same company but now paypal want another slice of your pie with their `fees`. 
That nice shirt you sold for £1.23 wasn`t much but when all the `fees` are off and you,ve transferred your paltry amount of money into your bank account (which, incidentally if less than £50 incurs more fees) doesn`t look great. Especially, by the time you,ve wrapped it at your cost and driven to the post office burning your petrol to post it probably at cost to you as Ebay try to dictate postal costs works out at a totally rubbish deal for you. You,ve made about 12p. I,d rather give it to charity.

Hey, this works in reverse. You BUY a shirt for 50 times the price from a `Power seller` or some individual with apparently good feedback and some utterly ghastly piece of cloth comes through the post posing as the `genuine article`.
You can`t leave negative as that would have a `negative` effect on Ebay (obviously, they need to make cash) and most of the donkeys that bought a similar item had left positive feedback `delighted` with their purchase.

Here,s another reason I`m junking it. Friends.  `Any chance of selling a few things for me mate?`
Yep, you`re left with a pile of work taking pictures and writing out adverts while they sit on their backsides waiting on the cash. In the meantime, you have all the retarded questions to answer from people with absolutely no interest whatsoever in buying anything you,ve listed. Then you ask the person you`re selling for and they (being equally stupid) give an unsuitable answer. Usually,some things never sell as; 
1. Sellers want top money.
2. Buyers want stuff for nothing.

Then there`s the arguments about the `fees` , as in "I thought you said it sold for £80?" Then its "can you relist it for me? I should have taken the £140 offer" after you,ve explained that it was a fair offer.I don`t think people realise the grief involved.

Na, I,m out .

Totally sick and tired of ebay and all the hassle with it.
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