Is it safe to buy on eBay? Who do i buy from?

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Is it safe to buy on eBay.
YES is it, many people ask me this and if they had asked me 10-15 years ago i would probably say no. However things have changed dramatically in terms of online transactions and security. When you start buying online be sure to have a papal account. This is a little bit like your online bank account. Its is secure and probably the most common method of payment people use online due to its reliability and facilities. The way it works every time you want to buy something online, paypal will securing make the transaction and pay the seller using your preferred method of payment. In this way the seller or the website you use will have no details of your personal credit cards or bank account. The seller will simply request paypal for the money and paypal will make the transaction on behalf of you. There are several benefits to this, it saves you from entering your credit card details every time you buy something (you just need to do it the first time with paypal registration) other benefits are that your order is tracked and paypal will verify if the seller is genuine, paypal also will handle any disputes for you if you want you money back, most importantly opening paypal account is FREE! 

Who do you buy from on eBay? 
People always ask me which sellers do i choose on eBay, people have different opinions, from experience when I'm looking to buy on eBay i usually like to stick to business sellers and ebay shops rather then private individuals, the reason for this is businesses and eBay stores will usually have a customer service policy, they want to please you as a customer, they want to look after you, just like if you walked in a high street shop, this is so they can generate more customers. You will recognise the businesses by looking on the right hand side of the screen where it should show a shop logo or name. On the other hand private seller usually have a one off item to sell, they usually are not too bothered about what you would think of them if the product did not turn out how you wanted it to be. I also found business sellers more comply with eBay rules and regulations which work out better for buyers and seller, most private seller probably wont bother reading pages of rules and regulations.  You will also find that any disputes or problems you have to sellers,  eBay will help you.

Hope this answers many question you had in mind.


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