Is it worth buying anything from Boost-bikes?

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Watch this space! Description of my experience with boost-bike motor coming soon...

Hi All,
If you are reading this then it means you want to know if its worth buying anything from boost-bikes. Well, its quite simple really - IT IS NOT. Save your money because  items he is selling, are not as described and I will explain everything here.  
I don't have much time on my hands due to various commitments, but I will put all necessary info here because I believe  that people should know what to  expect.
He will not reply to your emails and he will remove all auctions if he sees trouble on the horizon. Ask yourself, is that what honest seller would do?

Over next few days I will put more information here so you can judge for yourself  if its worth buying anything from this guy. I will put some photos  with description as well. If you already purchased, for example a motor, from him and you experience the same problems as I have, then you will know you were cheated. And yes, you can still take action.

More details coming soon so please come back and visit this site in few days time before you make your purchase.  Or contact me if you cannot wait. I will be happy to help.

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