Is it worth taking the risk with a seller from China?

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Are all sellers from Asia bad for you? No, thats not the case but you just dont need to take the risk. Lets take a look at the facts:

1) As a Buyer, you do not want a long delivery time

If you check the listings of sellers delivering to the UK from ASIA, they say 5 days, but then if you look at the Postal Company that they might be using, they say upto 3 weeks for delivery. Whats the deal with that I hear you ask?

2) As a Buyer, you want decent communications

Its this simple - it might be the middle of the night when you want that question answered on an issue, worse still what if your question is not answered properly and you have to ask another? Take a look at the facts, MASSIVE FTSE100 companies are now bringing call centres back to the UK because they have had negative feedback on communications outside of the UK. If they are not taking the risk, why would you?

3) As a Buyer, you need to be confident in what you are buying and where it comes from

A seller a million miles away has the glory of the Internet to hide from. They do not ever need to speak to you, or go the extra mile, why oh why I hear you say do people write to ebay saying they got stung and took delivery of a product that does not match what they thought they were buying? It happens every single day!

4) As a Buyer, you dont want Chinese instructions or Chinese menu options on your gadgetOh ok, its simple to change the menu items to English, but what Language do you think the error messages come in, and what language do you think the new downloads will come in?

Its a jungle out there, be safe.

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