Is owning a Fake Bag really that Bad?

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Is owning a fake handbag really that bad?

For some of us YES, its the ultimate sin, but does this apply to all of us? 

And is it really that wrong to want the latest Designer Bag for the fraction of the cost, NO its not but the fraction of the cost always equates to that bag being fake.

Ok so its fake is that really that bad? Ask yourself these questions

How long will it be in fashion for?, How much will I use it?, How many others have seen one, a real one or a fake one and really knew the difference at first glance or if at all?

Now is it really that BAD?

Ok I like many other women out there love handbags, shoes and fashion along with all the other little luxurys like nice jewellery, but when you have two small kids a mortgage and everything else that come with family life I dont always have that spare £1000 hanging arround to spend on the next designer handbag to hit the market, and if I did there is always something more practical to spend it on.  So I like many others out there have always got my eye out for a bargain designer purchase.

I have travelled like many others to places such as Spain, Greece & Turkey and visited the markets and indeed seen those dreadfull stalls loaded with tacky fake designer bags and shuddered and the thought of ever buying something so tacky, but on the flip side I have also visted some loverly cities and come accross some beautiful shops displaying the latest Chloe, Louis Vuitton and Hermes bags which transpired to be Fake but where truly magnificent and so elegantly put together that I found myself asking myself the question "are you sure these are not real".

I dont live in the city, Im not walking down bond street everyday and Im not shopping in harvey Nics, maybe if I were then I wouldnt even dare let the F word pass my lips but then again why wouldnt I just buy a Designer bag from one of these prestigeous places and know that my money is buying me the real deal.

Now I hope Im not alone when I say that I live in a pretty small town and there certainly are not any big Louis Vuitton shops down my high street!, so when I see a women in a bar or walking down the street and she's carrying a nice D&G Bag my first reaction is FAKE!. I dont know that this is fake for all I know it could well be the real deal, you see the point is I DONT KNOW if it is or isnt but I still find myself saying "well that bags shes carrying is fake".So if Im carry a real or a fake Louis Vuitton is everyone else thing the same? Fake? and if so why waste my money?

If the bag is georgeus, well put together, leather and makes me feel a million dollars and it didnt cost me the earth to buy it then does it really matter if it turns out to be fake?

If you are not with me on this one then my only peice of advise to you is DONT BUY FROM EBAY, save a little more and visit the legitimate shops and buy the real deal, an investment that can last a lifetime. 

But please ladies Fake does not have to equall tacky it can also give as much pleasure without breaking the bank so embrace it and dont be ashamed.

I am not in anyway condoning any under hand ways that are being used to push fake items onto buyers by tricking them with word of 100pct authenticity, by viewing my opions in this right up. And wish not to offend anyone who has been the victim of a fraudulent sales where they beleive an item is authentic.

Happy shopping everyone.



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