Is paypal the one for me?

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This Is a follow on to my guide originally written on 'BEWARE USING PAYPAL' also It answer's more questions and gives other warnings we ALL should know! 

Firstly I need to say a massive, huge thankyou to each and everyone of you who voted for me with the paypal guide which to my amazement got me at the top position of Number 1 Guide. Also for everyone who contacted me and shared their stories and all the ones who just sent a message saying 'thankyou' for standing up and speaking out about a multi million pound company that are robbing each and everyone of us, and getting away with it.

Due to the 'BEWARE USING PAYPAL' guide many people have taken advice and have contacted me asking how do they take paypal off their listings, what should they do as they to have been a victim of Paypal and many more people who have taken action In Preventing themselves  of being yet another case of 'FRAUD' or should I say LEGAL FRAUD?! that's what It seems like to thousands of us who just kept quiet and done nothing. I have been inundated with messages seeking advice which I have recently been prevented in responding to any message regarding Paypal. I think all my messages are being monitored as even If someone can't contact me the normal way through Ebay they have gone to a listing that I have had active and clicked on 'Ask seller a question' link however I have tried replying and If the subject is paypal or anything regarding the guide my message Isn't allowed to be sent as I get a security blocked message.

The stories I've heard have made me dig deeper into Paypal and more and more pieces of the puzzle are now coming to light. Below Is a question that I feel very strongly should be brought to light as I dont want just sellers to think It's just them at risk which I have mainly mentioned In my 'BEWARE USING PAYPAL' guide. I have been stung by Paypal as a Seller and also been stung as a buyer. The seller's opinion/question Is below followed by my response which I strongly recomend everyone on Ebay to read as It answer's many question and explains why Paypal do the certain things that they do and why they do this and what they get by doing it.........................................................

Q: Re: your Paypal warning guide.Very interesting ,but it summarises with suggestion we should all verify our paypal accounts. Paypal requests verfication for one reason,so that they can access your bank account,they prefer people to pay by bank debit rather than credit card as they save themselves the merchant charges when people pay by creditcard.They disguise this under the reasoning it's safer to trade with Verififed members! So by suggesting we all verify,it makes you sound Pro-Paypal!as you are effectively helping to encourage people to let Paypal debit their banksb rather than their credit cards! 27-May-06

A:  Do you know what the outcome Is of not verifying your account , when requested to do so?  Obviously not!

 It's the other way around you have to put a credit card on file not your bank details , as one of the steps for verification. Why do they want your credit card details, you may ask yourself?! When Paypal have people's card details on file and pay for a purchase to their seller with their card, paypal can easily reverse the transaction and money goes back to the credit card known as a chargeback or something similar. This Is what happens when buyer's claim not to have recieved their goods or any sort of complaint on the buyers behalf. Where as If you had no funds in your paypal account they don't have the authority to just go into your bank account and help themselves like they can with your card details.  Paypal requests , out of the blue , that you need to complete  certain steps to verify your identity/account. This happened to me. I had to complete all the requested steps which were impossible for me to do.They wanted me to put a credit card on file which I didn't own, fax them an original full Driver's license (again I didn't own) and I think there was one other step which was another step which I could not do. Email after email I was told the same thing again & again, 'until I completed all requested steps then my account and funds will remain frozen. That's what happened until two months later they closed my account and I lost all the contents of my Paypal funds . So It's up to the individual, either do as they ask or lose all your money end of and there's nothing you can do about It!


Many, many people have said they spoken to their local police and basically been told theres nothing the police can do when it comes to disputes with another ebay member and a paypal transaction or they were just not interested. This Is  total utter rubbish If they don't want to know, make them want to know! You tell them, don't let them tell you. That's what  the  Police are there  for, It's their job. It could be 5,000 or £5 the amount Is Irrelevant, Someone taking your money without your consent or  people that have made false allegations In attempt to defraud you then they have committed a crime therefore you insist It Is Investigated. If however you have no proof and not much to go on when it's his word against your word then It's a different story.

Paypal have been freezing their customers accounts left ,right and centre and you get no explanation apart from being told It's a temporary hold  because we suspect your account may have been involved in fraudulent transactions and will remain on hold until the matter is  Investigated fully. Basically you can put more money in the paypal account but you are unable to take any money out, transfer any money from the account or pay anyone with the money. This is rubbish from what I've found out that's the story we all get. They then make It virtually impossible for you to get back any  money that's left In the account at that time, In many peoples cases with the verification steps they have in place  In order to remove the hold from your account. Such as a full drivers license and credit card being essential steps you have to complete . To top all that off,    If after two months there's still no credit card on file they will close your account with all your money In It and guess who gets all your money? yeap!

If however your left with o choice as you have a large sum of money In the account and  you do as they request by putting your credit card details on file BE VERY CAUTIOUS WHEN DOING THIS because once your credit card details are on file you can't take them off. You can add more credit cards but It wont leave you take any card back off file once They get your details they keep them no matter If you email them till your blue In the face..

If you left being another Victim to them then don't just take It like myself and many others had to. I've advised everyone who has asked 'what can they do? who can help them' take them to court to a small claims court and If after fails (unlikely) then take them to the normal criminal court on an appeal for retrial. Everyone thinks what chance of I got up against a multi million pound company like that?! If everyone thought that way they will remain ripping off thousands of people to line their pockets world wide.  Because people like you are scared and think you haven't a chance in hell with a company like that ,  way up there at the top , with all the other big fishy's like microsoft, Barclays e.t.c This Is where you really are so wrong.

This guide reaching the top position out of a 100 ,000 + other guides says It all. It's not because I am a power seller with huge amount of feedback  , I's not that I'm clever or any other reason apart from the title and knowledge I have had from past experience's with Paypal and my knowledge and experience are so very similar to thousands of other people that have also been a victim of Fraud by Paypal and relate to what I am saying and also happy to know that they aren't own they own like originally thinking and someone has actually made a public notice warning  everyone else.

Since creating my 'BEWARE OF PAYPAL' guide 5 people have informed me that they are in the process of taking paypal to court many,mant,many accounts have been closed down by sellers who before would only  accept paypal as a payment method for their auctions but now won't take Paypal at all. I recommend the reading of other members stories and the businesses who have been forced to close down because of paypal putting them out of buisness down to what they are doing..

 If anyone wants to  read all the other real stories from real members who are trading on Ebay now and will verify their stories are genuine and  sent them to me and no doubt you will find an interesting read.

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