Is there an Alternative to Paypal ????

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The Answer is yes!! Although paypal provides a quick and easy way of shopping on ebay and alot of the ebay tools are geared towards paypal there are alternatives.

Nochex is based in the uk and provides a great alternative to paypal with full html functions for your auctions and reduced fees. I have used them for the past few years now and find them to be a good merchant. The only restriction i have found is they only take uk credit cards!! But all other debit cards are accepted. You do not have to sign your customers up to nochex to use them as they work like a regular merchant and can accept any method of payment from any buyer even if they are not a registered member.

PPPay are in my opinion ok they work much like the other two but unless you are a gold member you can not checkout on auctions unless you are a member and there are restrictions on how much you can withdraw and send. The good thing about this provider they are very open minded and will always contact you direct if you have an issue normally by phone.

Moneygram - Western union should only ever be used if you know the person you are sending too.

Hope this in some way helps you make your mind up to which provider you wish to use. For a full break down visit there websites on T&C's , unfortunatly i cannot provide the links on this review but any popular search engine will get you there!!



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