Is your Ps2 past its sell-by date, worn out, Dr DRE?

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We've been buying the fat black Ps2s on eBay for 5 years now. Most of the time, they are fine and still have plenty of life left in them but about 25% of them are not fit for resale. Usually, it's because dust has been allowed to build-up on the laser assembly unchecked. As with any laser product, when the dust layer gets thicker the laser diode emits more power to read the disc and shortens the life of the laser. The most effective way to keep your Ps2, DVD player, Hifi etc running smoothly is use a laser cleaning CD once every 6-12 months.

The most obvious symptom of a failing laser can be seen by turning the console on with an unscratched Ps2 game already in and see how long the game takes to get to the Ps2 logo screen. If the browser screen appears first (even for an instant), then the laser definitely needs attention. Trying more worn discs in the machine and viewing how long the browser screen appears, gives you a pretty accurate picture of the condition of the laser.

Hopefully, Mr Browser (Pic 2) hasn't paid a visit:

Note: Ps2 games are usually DVD-based(silver backed) but some older or less data-hungry games are CD based(blue backed). As soon as the game is read, the Ps2 checks which media it is dealing with. The power setting and speed of rotation are both different depending on whether the disc is DVD or CD based. You should test the system with both DVD based and CD based games because the laser may have trouble reading one or the other.

So what do you do if it is on the way out? The lasers for these are £25 each and not much less for trade so get your console sold on eBay toute suite (hopefully NOT to us) and buy a new slimline(with a built in network adaptor)!
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