Isle of Wight Garlic Festival Ticket Buying Guide

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Isle of Wight Garlic Festival Ticket Buying Guide

A tiny island that sits just off the coast of Great Britain presents one of the country's fastest growing summer festivals. Garlic lovers from the United Kingdom and much of Europe descend on Newchurch for the annual Isle of Wight Garlic Festival. As the festival turned 30 years old in 2013, more people than ever make plans to spend a short break or holiday on the island during the two-day festival. After operating expenses are taken out, the balance of ticket revenue goes toward several charities, as do some of the proceeds generated from the over 250 trader booths.

Tickets for the festival are not considered pricey, but it does require diligence to secure tickets for the entire family. Travellers to the island can buy festival tickets in person or online, with eBay representing the most reliable and secure way to purchase tickets. Before making a ticket purchase, garlic lovers should first receive an overview of the festival and the simple ticket classes and prices, as well as consider several factors that influence the festival ticket purchasing decision. Garlic lovers should also consider the four ways to participate in the festival and receive discounted or gratis tickets.

Isle of Wight Garlic Festival Overview

Once a year, garlic lovers flock to the Isle of Wight to sample garlic beer, garlic seafood, and garlic ice cream. Over 250 traders offer everything that is garlic on an island renowned for raising some of the highest-quality garlic in the world. The premise behind the festival involves raising funds for myriad charities, some of which have a presence during the festival. The Garlic Festival has occurred every year since 1983, with three organisations taking turns running the event. Regardless of the organisation in charge of the festival, all of the people involved in organising and operating the festival volunteer for their positions. The volunteer system enables festival organisers to contribute more to charities. As the centre attraction, the Garlic Marquee features the abundant Isle of Wight Garden Clove. Entertainment includes live music from local artists and arena events.

About Festival Tickets

Tickets for the Newchurch held garlic festival are available for both adults and children. Ticket costs have never exceeded 10 pounds for either adults or children, as sponsors try to attract families who spend money over the course of an entire day. Children under five years of age enter the festival at no charge. Festival tickets allow visitors full access of the festival from late morning to around dusk. Ticket prices do not include any amenities, such as food tastings or merchandise sales. While some of the ticket price goes towards festival operating expenses, the majority of funds help island charities.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Tickets

Buying tickets to the Isle of Wight Garlic Festival requires meticulous research and planning. Located in the English Channel, about 6 km from the coast of Hampshire, the island requires visitors to make arrangements to arrive from the mainland. The best travel option involves boarding one of the numerous ferry services that transport travellers between the country and the island. Search for discounted packages that include lodging and food service. Other factors to consider include accommodations, where to buy tickets, and whether the festival is part of a short break or extended holiday.


20,000 people travelling to a small island for a two-day festival can cause some lodging logistical headaches. Not only must festival goers make their lodging reservation well in advance of the annual event, they also must choose from a variety of options. The quaint island has some cottages that provide spectacular views of the surrounding countryside. Families can also consider renting a bed and breakfast room, caravan, or hotel room. Some of the traditional hotels sit overlooking the breathtaking ocean. Visit the Isle of Wight tourism website to learn more about the island's accommodations.


Ticketmaster UK represents the primary source for festival tickets sold in Great Britain. Garlic fans can find the flat rate adult and children Isle of Wight Garlic Festival tickets on Ticketmaster UK's website. The customer service link takes website visitors to a virtual agent who helps with securing the correct number of adult and child tickets. Remember that ordering Isle of Wight Garlic Festival tickets online requires a longer delivery period than ordering the tickets in person. Sign up for Ticketmaster alerts that communicate when festival tickets go on sale. Because of the island's small size, festival organisers place a limited number of tickets on Ticketmaster for sale.

At the Gate

Festival goers can purchase tickets at the gate on the first day of the event. This approach is not recommended for visitors who make lodging and ferry arrangements for the festival. What is the purpose of making all of the arrangements if visitors cannot secure tickets? The festival often sells out for a number of reasons that includes high demand for tickets during the busy summer season. Festival attendees should only consider purchasing tickets at the gate if they experience a sudden change in the number of people in their travelling party. The festival ticket gate sits near the main entrance to the event.

Travel Packages

Those who are taking an extended holiday and have made the Isle of Wight Garlic Festival one stop on a multiple Isle of Wight itinerary should consider purchasing tickets that come with a holiday package. Travel agents can help families bundle festival tickets, lodging, ferry fees, and dining discounts in one convenient holiday package. Garlic lovers can visit travel agent websites and input information into user-friendly search engines to find holiday packages that match their criteria. Many visitors to the festival book accommodations for the entire holiday, which allows them to take in other attractions on the tiny island.


Holiday plans typically remain intact for families and couples who need an extended hiatus from work and other life stress inducers. However, short breaks are made to be broken, since the breaks only comprise a few days. For this reason, festival goers can find online sellers who offer Isle of Wight Garlic Festival tickets for a few pounds off of the face value. The issues that arise with buying from online resellers involve ticket authenticity and delivery times. To mitigate concerns, garlic lovers should consider searching for festival tickets on eBay.

How to Become Involved and Receive Tickets

On average, the Isle of Wight Garlic Festival attracts 20,000 people over the course of the event's two days. A vast majority of tickets sold go to event attendees. However, organisers of the event withhold some tickets for traders, performers, sponsors, and charities. The following chart briefly describes each of the four ways that people can obtain festival tickets, sometimes at bundled discounted prices.




Stand vendors

Stands include business, arts and children's crafts, catering, and food demonstration themes


Street performers encouraged to apply for inclusion

Big stage or one-person show


Sponsors receive the best deals on festival tickets

Sponsorship from year to year remains consistent


Festival organiser may donate tickets to charity

Some charities operate booths inside of the festival

The performances focus on providing family-friendly content. Children have plenty of entertainment options, including a huge funfair. An all-day arena presents circus skills, falconry displays, and canine exhibitions. Festival organisers have a standard list of criteria for analysing applicants who want to become festival traders. Most of the booth operators return annually to the festival to promote their products and services.

Buying Isle of Wight Garlic Festival Tickets on eBay

Very few eBay sellers offer Isle of Wight Garlic Festival tickets outright. Sellers who no longer have use for the tickets typically hand the tickets to friends and family members. However, some eBay sellers may bundle festival tickets with package holidays. For instance, a seller may offer a package that includes four nights at a historic villa, complimentary dining, and festival tickets. Use eBay's search engine in the same manner that you use general search engines. Type specific keywords to eliminate sellers and prune a prospect list to a manageable size.

After eBay returns the search results, the next step involves vetting each of the seller candidates. Examine the enlarged tickets photograph to ensure authenticity. Review the delivery terms and accepted payment methods. Some sellers do not accept certain credit cards or PayPal cards. The delivery terms should provide enough of a time buffer to guarantee ticket arrival before leaving for the island. eBay compiles customer feedback on seller product pages, which provides you with a tool to further reduce your list of seller candidates. Consider sellers who have received positive feedback for selling festival tickets. You can also broaden your list by considering other types of ticket sellers, such as for concerts or sporting events.


The pungent aroma and enticing flavour make garlic one of the most popular food accoutrements in the world. Chefs sprinkle crushed garlic on pasta dishes and stuff whole garlic cloves into meats, game, and fowl. Garlic lovers have many ways to satiate their garlic appetite, but many garlic lovers are unaware that a garlic festival held on a tiny British island may be the best way to cure the garlic blues. As an annual event since 1983, the Isle of Wight Garlic Festival attracts garlic lovers from all parts of the European Union. However, the largest block of garlic lovers arrive from Great Britain, which is only a few kilometres away from the Isle of Wight.

Tickets do not cost an arm and a leg, unlike most other English festivals. Families and couples find tickets online at Ticketmaster, at the festival gate on the day of the event, or as part of a holiday package. eBay offers the widest variety of festival ticket sellers, with many of the sellers bundling the tickets into holiday travel deals. Isle of Wight Garlic Festival tickets allow visitors to spend an entire day perusing the trader booths, attending live performances, and soaking in the tantalising aromas that emanate from food tastings. Organisers and sponsors of the festival stress that the event is the perfect venue for hosting children.

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