Issues - Fly Tipping - Free Disposal - Identity theft.

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  • Fly tipping cost councils millions of pounds every year, which increases council tax and absolutley destroys the local environment, please make sure you take your waste to your local landfill or engage the services of a reputable and registered waste carrier to dispose of the waste for you.
  • Choose how you dispose of your waste carefully, a lot of what you no longer need can be recycled or even use by others. Before you dispose of your unwanted items, call a local charity shop, see if they would like them or for things like fridges and freezers try your local council (a lot of councils will offer a free disposal service) Car tyres can also, generally, be taken to a council designated area and will be recycled.
  • Identity theft is a major risk. Unscrupulous characters will go through your bins for things like bank statements and utility bills in order to steal your identity to gain credit. Invest in a paper shredder and use it for all unwanted documents you dispose of
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