Issues With PayPal Buyer Protection Program...

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Why oh why does Ebay only issue full compensation for items that are paid for via PayPal?

I mean is it too demanding for Ebay's Compensation Department to look at a copy of a Cheque or a Postal Order given to them by the Buyer? The fact is, most Buyers who pay for items through Postal Order or Cheque keep a copy of it safe somewhere just in case things go wrong. I am one of these people.

Yet, Ebay refuses to pay out full compensation to Buyers who paid through Cheque or Postal Order and have been robbed of their money by a fraudulent Seller. The Ebay Compensation Department claims that it takes a long time to go through the ins and outs of whether or not the money had changed hands between the Buyer and the Seller via the Cheque or Postal Order.

But let me ask you this, doesn't it take time to go through the ins and out of whether or not the money had changed hands between the Buyer and the Seller even if the Buyer had paid by PayPal? The answer is yes. I would've thought that Ebay's Compensation Department does have to go through the same exact steps in order to find out if the money had been transferred from the Buyer's account and into the Seller's account.

And yet, Ebay's Compensation Department does not charge a "Processing Fee" for Compensation Claims if the payment was made through PayPal. How does this make sense? Isn't this unfair to the Buyer's who prefer paying for items through Cheques and Postal Orders? I think it is very unfair.

Some Buyer's prefer not to use PayPal because there have been a lot of PayPal scams doing the rounds in recent years. I've heard stories of people getting fake e-mails from PayPal saying that they need to enter their Bank Account details 2 or 3 times in order to submit the payment to the seller. Something like this obviously leaves Buyer's open to fraud.

The worst thing about using PayPal for me is the fact that they charge you for receiving money. PayPal is Ebay's sister company. I mean, don't Ebay get enough money as it is from Insertion Fees and Final Value Fees? And to top it off, Ebay's Compensation Department has the nerve to demand that Buyer's who have been robbed of their money pay a "Processing Fee". This despite the fact that the Buyer has done nothing wrong throughout the transaction.

In my honest opinion, Ebay coming out with this latest stance on only paying out full compensation for transactions that have gone wrong where the buyer paid by PayPal is cowardly and despicable. I strongly suspect that this latest move of theirs is a trick to get more people to use PayPal and keep the money rolling in for them.

I realise that I'm very lucky to have only come across 2 sellers who robbed me of my money when I bought something from them. But both were paid for by Cheque. So obviously I lost half of my money on two seperate "Processing Fees" from two different Compensation Claims which I'm still angry about to this day.

If something goes wrong with a transaction then Ebay usually refuses to do anything.

This latest move is not going to convince me that paying by PayPal or accepting PayPal payments is safe and convenient.

If you believe that Ebay should stop charging a "Processing Fee" for Compensation Claims where the payment was made through Cheque or Postal Order, then please vote 'Yes' at the bottom of this guide.

Many thanks for reading through this guide.

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