Italeri 6022 1/72 scale Gaul Warriors - A Gallery Guide

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This is a quick photo guide to Italeri's set 6022 Gaul Warriors. It's purpose is to help those interested (wargamers, painters, diorama builders, collectors etc...) see which poses you get in the set, in what quantities and what the figures look like painted up.


Pic #1  

1 per set. This sword armed warband chieftan is well scuplted and is suitably adorned in helm and chainmail for a wealthier, more senior tribal leader.


Pic #2

1 per set. Here we also have another leader, perhaps a second in command or champion. This chap is armed with a spear and wears a brest plate. Can't help thinking he looks a bit like Asterix!


Pic #3 

1 per set. Standard bearer at the double carrying the common boar symbol atop a wooden staff.


Pic #4

1 per set. A lime haired, bare chested slinger come war horn blower.


Pic #5

9 per set. With chain mail, helmet and lots of clothing this guy would have been a representative of the wealthier and higher orders of tribal society. Probably positioned towards the front of the warband.


Pic #6

9 per set. A charging bare chested spearman wearing a basic cylindrical helmet.


Pic #7

9 per set. Another advancing bare chested spearman.


Pic #8

9 per set. A frenzied, lime haired, naked Gaul warrior in full flow. Personifies the individualistic fighting prowess of the tribesmen. The Romans were usually physically smaller in stature but were more disciplined and fought as a regimented unit to take on these fearsome opponents.


Pic #9

1 per set. This excellent pose is not from set #6022 but from Italeri's Celtic Cavalry set #6029. Shame you only get one of this chap and that he's in the cavalry set. Again as with some of the infantry set he is well clothed and armoured so most likely would have been a celtic/gallic noble of some kind. He's in full pelt and armed with that axe it looks like he's gone into a state of battle frenzy.


Pic #10

1 per set. Another figure from the cavalry release #6029. Similar to the guy in picture #8 but this one has his trousers on. (nb. -  The rest of the cavalry set is made up of 15 mounted figures in three different poses, 5 of each).


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