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I write to relate a bad experience with what I thought was a reputable Italian Accordion  maker, the firm being 'Ranco' whose instruments  I have owned and played in the past and are always of excelent quality. I decided to order a new one from 'Ranco of  Castelfidardo' Italy but did not know the genunine firm are in are in Verona and the Castelfidardo firm are only useing their good name and are run by a Mr. Max Ciuccoimei who also trades as Master Sound.    I was told I had to pay the full quoted price 'up front' with delivery in 1 month which I agreed to do.  I have subsequently been told this is not permitted under Italian Law, manufacturers can only ask for payment when the Acordion in made and ready  for dispatch. So I placed my order on the 18th April 06, after many requests it arived on 9th of December some 8 months later. BUT !!  It was nothing like the instrument ordered from their brochure with totally diferent tuning and unseable to me and although the carton  was covered in "made in Italy" lables only the straps are  genunine Italian. In no place does it say "made in Italy on the Instrument" and I am convinced it is "Chinese".

         This Director Mr. Ciucciomei refused  to take it back and does not dispute it  came from China I have told him that he  is a total CROOK. I would like to speak well of  Italian makers but would urge anyone to be very careful of Max Ciucciomi and never to pay in advance and to note he is not in the makers Association so there is no one to complain to.  I understand he gets Accordions from other makers and puts his lable on ,beware!! and remember my experience.








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