Items missing in the post

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I have recently won a dispute regarding an Item that allegedly went missing in the post ( the person in question knows who she is).  I approached the seller in a polite manner asking for a replacement or a refund this she  refused to do and said that it was my responsibility to claim from the Post Office via their claims procedure which would take 3-4 months.  This seller was wrong on two counts,  first : she entered into a contract with me to supply goods I had purchased ,if she could not supply them there she have been a replacement or refund.  Second : It is the sellers responsibility to claim from the post office as they entered into an paid agreement that the Post Office would deliver the goods, it is  not the buyers responsibility as there was no agreement between the buyer an  Royal Mail.

The main point here is that the seller is responsible for claiming from the Post Office so dont be fobbed off with that laim old excuse ''it must have been lost in the post''.  There are too many unscrupulous sellers trying it on.

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