Items not received !!!!!! yeh right

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One would have thought that throughout the ebay community that, respect, would be common place for your fellow ebayer.

Not so i think.

I have sent packages all over the world, and not once had a parcel or letter go missing, not even to the eastern block countries.

Watch out for people trying to get more goods out of you, than they have paid for by saying that they have not received it !!

I have just had a buyer say that they did not receive their goods, as it was christmas time, i thought that it may be true as things on occaision do go missing, so i sent out more of the same, with a few items of good will thrown in to keep him happy.

He has come back to me again, saying he has not received it........   YEH RIGHT

I have refunded his £3, and blocked him as a buyer.9206aaron is now on my blocked list

It is aginst all odds that two packages to the same person will go missing, so now i take no chances

I do know that unscruiplus people will try this sort of blagging, and this sort of practice needs to be stamped out.

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