Items that look too good to be true?

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9 times out of 10 they are.

Be wary particularly when buying from overseas, if something doesn't sound right it probably isn't.  I stumbled on this "scam" yesterday and thought I'd share, I was looking at satellite navigation systems and noticed some real bargains from China, so I looked at the feedback- 100% positive then it just happened to catch my eye that all the feedback was posted within about an hour of each other.  An investigation into the purchases revealed that they were all $0.01 auctions for ebooks or wallpapers, so be aware, its easy to get 50 feedback for a cost of $0.50, and therefore appear a "good" ebayer.

The other thing is to check for paypal.  Not everyone from china are con artists in fact I've had numerous bargains in the past, I just thoguht this may interest people.

Happy Shopping

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