Items with Best Offers

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Having sold many items on buy it now with best offers, I have always found most offers reasonable and sensible, except for the odd few!

For example a skirt which cost £100 new, was hardly worn and on buy it now or best offer at £23.99. You would imagine as a seller that a reasonable and fair offer would be made!

When someone puts in an offer on an item such as this you would expect it to be a fair one which you felt you could accept! However, just of late with some offers, I have not known whether to laugh or just be downright insulted!

An item which you have on sale for say between £15 - £50 is at that price because that is what that item is worth, but when you get offers of £3.00 - £5.00 it's just taking the mickey! I do and have accepted many best offers but sometimes it just cannot be done.

I realise that buyers are well within their rights to make an offer as they see fit but what they don't consider is that us sellers have to pay listing fees, final sale fees and buy decent packaging materials!

If buyers want quality clothing at these really really cheap prices, maybe they should perhaps be going to jumble sales, charity shops or car boot sales?

So, do we as sellers just stop listing items with best offers or learn to accept that some people just want something for practically nothing?

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