It's all about Mobility - Commercial Vehicle Fleet Managment

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It's all about Mobility - Commercial Vehicle Fleet Managment

As a Commercial Vehicle user you need to balance the expense of mobility and your constant need to contain costs.

There is also the personal matter to take into consideration - The driver of the 'Van' will not have any personal or emotional tie to the vehicle.

Managing the 'Van Driver' and their behaviours can be even more difficult than that of a passenger car driver.

Please remember - A Van is not a Car:
Even though most leasing companies treat both types of vehicles in the same way,The detriment of 'Downtime' on a Commercial vehicle can be far more costly.

Vans should be treated like Trucks....And not like Cars
A Commercial Vehicle needs to be fit for the purpose of the job or requirement - YOU are the only person who knows what the Van is needed for.

We will supply you with the right vehicle for the job,with the ancillary equipment you require.

(From Refrigeration - Bespoke Shelving - Racking & Lining even Lifting equipment)

By us reducing the cost of the vehicle and the required equipment we can make the vehicle fit both your needs and your budget.

All this regardless of the required Make or Model vehicle.

Minimising Down-Time: 

Having a Van on your fleet is easy...Keeping your commercial vehicle on the road is the challenge.

Leasing a New Van from New Vehicle Solutions means maximum vehicle UP-TIME.

We like to adopt the same philosophy of HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicles) to the supply and management of a  LCV (Light Commercials Vehicles) We only work with approved commercial vehicle experienced partners and third party suppliers to ensure a maximum up-time for your business vehicle.

The additional services that our partners can provide include: Specialist Roadside Assistance,Tyre replacement services,Mobile and even overnight servicing.

Managing your fleet costs:

Cost is Key for any business, These rules need to also carry forward to the management of your commercial vehicles.

When your 'Wheelbarrow' is crucial to the smooth running of you business - Trying to get a balance between investment and efficiency can be extremely difficult.

With our many years of experience,we can advise you and help you to optimise the cost of running your van.

Van Leasing: Method in the madness:

Our team of highly trained Commercial Vehicle Experts will be able to help you to reach the best results with your vehicle requirements and fleet management,

We can help you to select your Van and solve any operational issues.

Qualification:What you want and what is it going to be used for?

With analysis of your business needs and requirements/objectives for the vehicle - In relation to the fleet strategy and needs.

Your Leasing Needs & A Solution:

From the findings of our qualification,We will then tailor the solution for your commercial vehicle needs.

We can also include any additional retro fitted equipment: Ply Lining,Roof Racks,and Livery.

Quotation:The costs and the savings to your business?

We will then supply a quotation for the required vehicle including any additional equipment,Together with the appropriate term of the contract,required mileage maintenance & repair options.

After sales & Support:

We provide ongoing unparalleled support from delivery to renewal,maximising our service and minimising down-time for your commercial vehicle.

Renewal of your vehicle:

We strive to provide a smooth transition from your Old to New vehicle,without causing any disruption to your business.

End of Contract:

After making a careful and accurate appraisal of the vehicles condition,we will then value the vehicle to ensure that the previous contract is satisfied to the customers complete satisfaction (With the hope of a renewal of contract and the supply of a New Vehicle)

Being a commercial vehicle the criteria of the condition would differ from that of a passenger car.

Ongoing Review:

With the use of monitoring tools and satisfaction surveys we aim to offer driver satisfaction and our high standards of ongoing service.

Fleet Managment is all about MOBILITY & COST - Don't Forget - DOWN TIME has an immediate and substantial negative impact on Business - And that of your customers - Deliver Service

Lee Evans

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