Ive tried a new battery in my watch and still wont work

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Sadly there can be a number of reasons a watch wont work.
Quite a few people that used to come into our shop thought "its always the battery if it a watch wont work"
Most watches have moving parts and electronic parts.
The moving parts can get dust inside and stop the tiny wheels from moving and the electronic parts can develop faults as can a telly or a washing machine. A watch usually has a circuit including a coil and a crystal any of these parts can develop faults.
The batteries we sell are branded EG SONY RENATA MAXELL but there is always the chance that a battery itself can be faulty.

If you have a VOLT meter you can test the battery to see the voltage.  As new 1.55 volt batteries they usually show around 1.58 volts from our experience on our tester. When a batteries voltage shows around 1.50 volts its right on the limit and a watch can start to play up IE stop and start or slow down.  That said some watches work very well using up every tiny drop of power.

If you experience problems best bet is to seek a REAL jeweller and ask them to have a look.
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