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Useful Information About Our Shop.

Payment for multiple items in one Paypal transaction / Combined shipping & shipping refunds:

If possible please pay for all items in one Paypal transaction as it will save you time and money. We realise that this is not always possible, and we are always happy to send multiple purchases in one package and refund overpaid shipping as outlined below.

Payment for all items must be received in one transaction to qualify for the advertised combined shipping discounts. If you pay for items separately, we will refund the overcharged shipping. Unfortunately this will be net of unrecoverable Ebay/Paypal fees, currently 10% of the shipping plus 20p. (If you have paid in more than one Paypal transaction, each extra transaction costs us 20p to receive through Paypal, and when we refund the overpaid shipping, Ebay does not reimburse us with 10% charge that they levy on all shipping fees.)

Only use the ‘Buy it now’ button if Ebay doesn’t ask for immediate payment for each item (by taking you straight to checkout) …we never require immediate payment and are happy to wait until you are ready to pay (up to 3 weeks maximum). For those buyers who are able to use ‘Buy it now’ without immediate payment…. you can then request an invoice/total for all items from us when you have finished shopping.

If the ‘Buy it now’ button takes you straight to checkout, the new (from 2013) ‘Add to basket/cart’ button will allow you to add all items from us to your basket/cart which can then be paid for by Paypal in one transaction. It is sometimes advisable to pay for low stock or scarce items immediately because Ebay will remove items from your cart if another buyer pays for them first. Items can also be removed from your cart if our 30 day listing ends but it not sold out - if this happens the item will usually be relisted within a couple of hours, and you can always email us through Ebay messages and ask for the link to the new listing so that you can add it back to your cart.

 If the ‘Add to basket/cart’ button is not visible, please log out of ebay.com (ebay.fr, ebay.de, ebay.it, ebay.com.au etc.)  and log in to ebay.co.uk (same user/password). The ‘Add to basket/cart’ button should now be visible on our listings for you to use. Payment is the same on both sites, with Paypal showing you the conversion from USD to GBP during checkout. Alternatively, we could send a Paypal invoice... To do this, we just need your email address - please send an email directly to our email address in the 'business seller information' > 'contact details' at the bottom of the item description. (Email addresses cannot be shared in Ebay 'messages'.)


We are a web/mail order only business selling stamps and philatelic literature. It is not possible for buyers to collect their purchases in person or call at our premises. The address we provide to buyers (the business address displayed on each item page, and for payment/returns) is an office within my home, and is used solely for business administration. All stock is stored at our second premises, which acts as a fulfillment centre. For obvious security reasons, we will not disclose the address of the fulfillment centre. Both addresses are alarmed, and the fulfilment centre is also equipped with CCTV and benefits from 24 hour security.

About Us

J&H Books digitises rare philatelic works to make them accessible to all stamp collectors worldwide at affordable prices. We aim to provide a friendly & efficient service. Your questions/suggestions are always welcome. Our catalogue of books is rapidly expanding, please keep checking our listings.

eBay VeRO (Information relating to our CD books)


All our CD books are fully protected by copyright, and they must be used in line with our terms of use (a copy of these is included below and on each CD). We actively enforce our rights through eBay's Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) programme: listings that infringe our intellectual property rights will be promptly removed by eBay and further, we will obtain the details of, and pursue the prosecution and conviction of, any person who breaches the copyright on our CD books.

Special notice to sellers: Each page of our digital books is clearly identifiable. If you are looking to produce CDs of other books you will need to invest a considerable amount of time and money to research and purchase the rights to the of the underlying material, and then produce a digital copy. Where typographical copyright only can be claimed for a word for word copy of a work, we and others may produce our own digital versions from that original work. The resulting different digital versions will each have a separate copyright. Reporting such a version to eBay as a violation of your own intellectual property rights would involve making a fraudulent declaration and expose you to legal action. We will rigorously persue any person or entity involved in this and related fraudalent actions, including attempts to circumvent our digital rights management (DRM) measures.

Terms Of Use

The digital files contained on this CD may not be reproduced or transferred in any form or by any means, graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, taping, or by any information storage retrieval system. You may not rent, lend, lease, sell, or sublicense these digital files to another person or entity.
The accuracy and completeness of the information provided herein and opinions stated herein are not guaranteed or warranted to produce any particular results, and the advice and strategies, contained herein may not be suitable for every individual. J&H Books shall not be liable for any loss incurred as a consequence of the use and application, directly or indirectly of this CD and the material presented upon it.
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