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This should help potential  buyers/ collectors who want to own  one or more  of these lovely £5 notes- I've had quite a few sold over the last 3 years and they are still available- don't pay more than twice face value and see if you can buy with  the press  release colour guides attached, or course guides for St.Andrews or similar Nicklaus related paraphernalia. If considering buying a "certificated" signed one - don't. Jack Nicklaus does not certificate them .This is ironic but there's more chance of you buying the real thing if it's uncertificated. If he really did sign the amount that have been floating around, he'd still be signing them today, so take care.
 I've been using the fivers as part of golf trophies - i.e. mounted in frames with winners names etc when you go out with buddies on a special  outing- believe me they are extremely well  received by golf nuts (like me).
Hope this helps
Dave King
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