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Jamie Cullum is a short little 26 yr old English guy. He plays the piano and sings alot of the swing classics, made famous by the likes of Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, and Tony Bennet.

He takes a swing classic, that we have all heard Sinatra sing a 1000 times, or by Michael Bolton, Rod Stewart, Harry Connick and Michael Buble. They all sang it the same. However Jamie adds his Jazz touch. His music is out of this world.

The end result is fantastic. His voice, young, powerful, and a little rasp when he needs too, flows as he plays the piano. To watch this little guy bounce around on stage and on the piano is something that has not be seen since Angus Young of AC/DC does with his guitar or Jerry Lewis of the Rock N Roll era, did to his piano.

Jamies CD's so far have been fantastic. His latest Catching Tales is superb. Most of the tracks written by Jamie himself. Not for along time have we seen a young Jazz superstar. If he can keep himself clean and on the same track he is on now, expect to have his name mentioned in the same breath as Paul McCartney or Elvis.

He is currently on a sell out tour in the United States.

If you cant get to see him live, get his DVD, or his CD,s. No I dont sell these, I am just hoping you can get the same feelings I do when you hear or see this guy. Its really nice to see another talent guy come out of the UK. For a little country you guys pack a big punch.

For more info go to Jamie Cullums website. This will give up to date tour information. I hope this has been some help. 

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