JB Weld original

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Repair of an office chair base plate to the stalk that goes to the base and wheels, which was previously conventionally welded.  The original conventional factory weld held for 15 years but as it was a favourite chair I didn't want to bin it. So bought JB Weld.

Did all the preparation, sanding/filing, then cleaned with acetone and dried, then applied the product, left it to dry/cure for 26 hours. The repair failed on first use although initially seemed to have bonded well. Wasn't surprised that it failed, I was sceptical but gave it a go anyway. Probably too much to ask of the product for it to repair something a person will put their weight on - but anyway I don't think I'd feel like paying the extra for this product in the future, I will stick (pardon the pun) to the cheaper products personally.

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