JDM-TRADE Con Artists

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On buying an in-car DVD player, I found it to be faulty. The sound didn't work.

I made contact within the 7 days as required to be told the seller would contact their supplier to find out the proceedure for replacement. I was not comfortable with this but had to agree.

3 days or so later they said they had a courier coming to collect. My wife waited in for the courier foir the next 5 days, even changing her day in charity work. Then nothing happened, contacted the seller again to be told "DHL are a pain" and he would re-instruct them. This never happened after the second week we still have the faulty DVD Player. As soon as I told them I no longer wanted a replacement, but a refund there has been nothing but obstructive comment and unhelpfulness.

DO NOT BUY from these sharks, according to other posts they are breaking ebay rules by advertising as UK based but are not. I have not verified this yet but I have read many reports to this effect.

I am an honest trader and ebay is a dangerouse place made safer by the rules laid down.

Ebay are liable to prosecution for allowing these traders to mis-lead the general public (if this is the case after investigation in this case) but more liable are the scum that do these miserable, low-life, dirty tricks on innocent buyers. (I had to work many honest hours to but that piece of broken junk).

I will try an appeal with ebay but it's probably going to be a waste of time.



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