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Being a mum of 4 kids i can help out with some advice or tips. going by my children dummies are a nightmare but also a god send, try and get them weaned off by about a year or so. my eldest was 3 and my second was 2 when i weaned them off and because they had eachother it was alot easier for them. my third daughter was harder, she is 2 and half and it took several attempts to get her off but persistance is the key and she is off her dummy now. if you make it fun for them by saying that the bottle or dummy fairy is coming and she will replace your dummy or bottles with a gift, then they will be more inclined to do it.
Also i have found that weaning guidelines have changed loads and the midwives are saying 6 months for weaning onto foods. too be honest i have always done it at approx 3 months. my son who is 3 months and a week has been on foods since just before 3 months and he absolutley loves it. but only do it when you feel he/she is ready. just start with half a jar at dinner time when you are all sat eating dinner, then do a week of lunch times, then a week of breakfast. then after about 3 weeks do 2 small meals a day.try them on the mini jars at first to see if they adapt to it then you can make up your own meals and they will love it even more.
also with door bouncers, my son has been in one since 2 and half months. when they are strong enough, try them as long as you stay with them. he bounces for england now and hes stronger for it. but again only do it when you feel they are ready.
always involve your other children and if you want to put them off having kids at a young age, make them do more lol. my children understand now that babies and toddlers are hard work and they are saying they want to be alot older to have kids lol. 
anyway most of you may not or have experienced depression. it is not nice and some tmes can not be avoided, however you must try and relax with children. the more relaxed you are and happy, it will show with your baby. its easier said then done but babies will cry and you have to be strong and remember its a way of life and not to let it get to you. as long as the baby is fine in your eyes just relax and never let it get between you and your partner. yes arguements will happen but in one ear and out they other and sort it out when you are both calm. 
i always fine that baby swings are a gr8 way for the child to get off to sleep. its been gr8 for me as i have other tings to get on with, so if in doubt try a swing.
thanks for reading this, if you want to chat about anything just me a message. im not saying im perfect with this, far from it, even though i have 4 its still a learning curve as they are all different. and if i have wrote anything wrong then please inform me. but remember this is my experience and i just to share it with you. it may help or it may not. good luck and enjoy every minute with them as they grow up to quick. x
please feel free to comment or message me. and please vote as im interested in how others feel. thanks
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