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I have bought 5 or 6 tracksuits here on Ebay, and they may come from sellers who guarantee that they are authentic, and their feedback is 99.9% etc, but believe me they are all fakes. I have bought from a UK seller who gives close up photos of the swing tags, but they were fakes. I have also bought a gorgeous looking one from Singapore, and have had 2 holes in the back seam of the bottoms so far. The other were from the UK, and the USA, and they are all FAKES!!!


If you are happy to wear them knowing they are a cheaper alternative then buy them, but be aware you are paying over-inflated prices for sub-standard goods, that often fall apart.


Personally I am stopping buying from sellers, who have big shops etc, and stick to buying my stuff from the average 'Jo' that sells their stuff like me, who just has no need of it anymore or has bought too much and has never worn something, who I have found are a whole lot more honest that the 100's of Ebay shops or powersellers, who I have found out since watching Watchdog, are selling to themselves to boost there feedback ratings...... I do not understand how they can not be stopped by Ebay.



UPDATE JUNE 2008....

Couldn't be happier that finally dishonest sellers cannot get away with fraudulent sales since eBay have stopped sellers giving buyers NEG Feedback. See that sellers feedback precentages are now going down to below 95%, as buyers have no fear of reprisals.


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