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Beware Before You Buy!!!

Just a quick lesson for anyone buying ay electrical goods...check what others think before you buy.

A little research goes a long way, especially where JVC is concerned. It appears that they have had trouble with their recorders for a few years and while some problems have been solved a lot of these machines are still popping up on ebay, as reconditioned or refurbs and look amazing value. Just look at amazons reviews or a several of the AV forums on the net and you will find a lot of unhappy bunnies, with machines overheating, locking up or just blowing a fuse.

I now know because I have one and am in a protracted correspondence with JVC...I will advise further in due course...but it does appear that they have repaired many a machine only for it to go wrong again. One poor guy has had 9 machines in 2 years or so.

So dispite them having some great features, KNOW NOW WHY THEY ARE CHEAP!

Thank you and good night

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