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I got myself one of these headunits about a week ago. Its the best  (and most expensive) headunit Ive had to date, but Im really happy with it!

As your probably aware, its a buttonless touchscreen head unit, it plays regular CDs, MP3 cds, DVDs, DIVX dvds (handy if you download lots of films).
It also has built in Bluetooth, useful for playing music via bluetooth on your phone, but also the headunit interacts with your phone, enabling you to make telephone calls and receive them too, handsfree, without the need for running cables and microphones around your car! You can upload your phone book via bluetooth, so the name and number appears on screen when a call comes in, it mutes the music to alert you, and you can answer by 1 touch on the screen itself, or on the remote, and end/hold calls the same way! Microphone volume is adjustable, as is the volume of the person your talking to. The car connects to your phone as soon as power is on (auto) so you can just get in and drive, and never miss a call! The quality of the calls on mine was good, very clear and loud enough not to be drowned out by traffic noise! Also, it can alert you to texts too, and these can also be displayed on the headset.

Ill start with the CD/DVD player. Music playback is simple, with excellent sound quality compared to a standard CD player. It reads cds fairly fast, mp3 discs take a little longer to initialize but still good playback, with artist./title info all displayed onto the super bright tft screen as its playing. The dvd/divx function is the one thing I bought this headunit for, and Im not dissapointed. Picture is crisp, colourful and clear. Its not hard to see, the small screen is one of the best I have come across to be honest. I sat and watched a divx film this afternoon, and I enjoyed the luxury of watching it in my car. The small screen did not dissapoint me at all! There is also an option to connect more external screens to the headunit, either to put in the back for the kids, or if your building a nice ICE install in your car then its ideal. You can connect a games console, a reversing camera or your sat nav and have those coming through the screen too.

There is a USB cable also coming from the back, which can be quickly routed down into your footwell, and can be used to hook up an Ipod or USB hard drive, and this can be used to play audio or video from too which is excellent.

The remote control that comes with it is easy to use, and the touchscreen is ok for most functions apart from turning up the volume can be a pain if you are driving, as it will often fast forward the track rather than increase the volume unless you have the chance to stop driving and look where you are touching. (you have to run your fingers round the touch screen in a circular motion to increase and decrease volume!)

There are also a lot of pre-out cables on the back, handy if you want to connect speakers and amps everywhere on top of your standard ones!!! I have just a sub connected to mine, but there is plenty of room to expand your cars entertainment system with one of these!

There is cable with the headset, which must be connected to your handbrake (by law) so that video playback is taken off the screen when the handbrake is released. However you can get around this by just connecting the "hand brake" cable (green) to an earth point in the car. I have mine connected to the same pin as the stereos own earth, and this has worked for me, as the screen stays on at all times! (useful if your passenger wants to watch a movie while you drive!)

Im sure there is a lot I have missed out from this review, but I must say for the money it costs, it really is worth every penny in my opinion! It looks the part, it has superior features to most other units I have seen, and the buttonless touch screen really makes it stand out from the competition in my opinion!!!

I looked at a lot of stereos before I chose this one, and Im really glad I picked it!

I am now using this with a external hard disk drive installed, and mounted in my car.
I decided that I would find myself a USB hard drive, rather than messing around with a pen drive. I went for a Western Digital 2.5", self powered hard disk. The unit draws its power from the USB cable on the head unit, and once its connected the head unit reads from it straight away, and indexes the files present, so you can flick through from folder to folder easily. It takes around 10-15 seconds to read the hard drive when you first switch to USB input, but after that, the stereo reads your media from the drive effortlessly... no skipping, no massive pauses between tracks. Using the up/down arrows on the remote, you can quickly access anything on the drive within 20 seconds at very most, you can also scroll through the drives contents 6 folders at a time using the screen to guide you.
An essential addition in my opinion... no more burning CDS :-)

This headunit is very impresssive, and id reccomend it to anyone!
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