JVC Videosphere

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This is a very short and quick guide for those interested in buying a JVC Videosphere.

Available most commonly in white, orange and the rarest colour black (apparently only sold in Canada?). As with all vintage plastics the white fades to a cream colour- so be wary if the photo makes it look a bright white and the seller doesn't mention anything about yellowing, it will probably be too good to be true. The orange is so evocative of the era and really makes a statement. The black looks really sleek.


The original aerial is telescopic with a white plastic top to it.                  USA models (3241) have 2 tuning dials on the top, UK (3240) only one.

Some still have the original plastic sticker saying "solid state".

I think these televisions are amazing, I would certainly rather spend £150+ on one of these than on a piece of Whitefriars.

Please email me ( tom at toms-house.co.uk ) if you want more information on where to buy one!

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