Jack Pyke Camo Patterns - Shooting, Hunting and Fishing

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Jack Pyke Camo Patterns

Jack Pyke Products

Jack Pyke have recently introduced their new English Woodland camo to their items to join their well known Jack Pyke English Oak camo. This guide is to tell you about each camo and help you determin which camo you should use in what season.

Both of these camoflauge patterns have been largely developed specifically for the English outdoors unlike other camo patterns.

English Woodland

The English woodland camo was designed to blend in with our countryside during the spring, summer and early autumn. The camo is made up from native species to the UK and the green tones are typical to our growing seasons.

English Oak

The English Oak camo was Jack Pyke's orignal camouflage and has become well known within the shooting and fishing communities. This camo was designed to be used within late autumn and winter months and is made up using their brown and green tones.


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