Jailbreaking the iphone 4, FAQ and Misconceptions

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What is jailbreaking?
-The Iphone is just like a laptop with a touchscreen and no physical keyboard. Just like a computer, it runs an operating system (eg. Microsoft Windows for the PC). For the iphone, that is called iOS. On the PC, you may install whatever programes you like eg. office, photoshop, games etc. There are no restrictions as to what you may or may not install (why should there be? you BOUGHT the operating system and that is exactly what it is meant to do). However, Apple's operating system iOS RESTRICTS what you may or may not install! Only programes that Apple allows may be installed.
Jailbreaking allows ANY programes you want to be installed, just like Windows for the PC, hence the term "Jailbreaking" as in taking off the artificial shackles.

How is jailbreaking done?
-Jailbreaking is PURELY software - there are absolutely NO changes to your hardware, you literally cannot break the iphone by jailbreaking! Apple's iOS operating system is installed on the iphone via a file with the ending .ipsw (in windows this would be setup.exe). A jailbreaking software like limerain, blackrain or pwnage tool (don't worry about the names) works like this: these tools run from a PC or from a MAC. You connect up the iphone to the computer, start the jailbreaking software, and what the software does is it changes a bit on the iphone operating system so that any programes can be installed. You do not loose any data, nothing else is changed. You will, however, notice that any jailbreaking software will install an app called "cydia".
Bear in mind that this jailbreak is a software jailbreak, ie if you update the iOS operating system (eg. from 4.1 to 4.2) you will have to re-apply the jailbreak from the PC.

What is cydia?
-Cydia is automatically installed when you jailbreak. This app is like the itunes store for apple - but mostly free. It allows you to install lots and lots of other free useful programes that you wouldnt be able to without jailbreaking eg. true Multitasking, custom themes, lockscreen changes, tethering enable, facetime over 3G etc. The list is endless. Cydia is very very simple to use as well - designed for people who have no idea about advanced computers. You just tap on what you want to install and cydia does it all for you. The programes are written by enthusiastic programmers who do it because they feel the iphone is lacking something and do it free of charge most of the time. Cydia will update itself automatically when it starts too, and keep all your "jailbroken" software up to date as well when you've started the app.

Can jailbreaking be reversed?
-TOTALLY! Jailbreaking can be completely reversed at any time you wish. And its really simple: Just start itunes on your computer, connect the iphone, and select the "restore" option in the menu. DONE. Your iphone is back to what it was before you jailbroke it. Don't forget to back up your iphone first!

Can jailbreaking be traced by O2/Vodafone/Orange???
-NO. There is absolutely no way for anybody to know that you have jailbroken your iphone.

Can I unlock my iphone after jailbreaking?
-Yes absolutely. After you've jailbroken your iphone you can unlock it too using another unlock program on the PC. Its quick and easy. See the websites below. Bear in mind that this unlock is a software unlock, ie if you update the iOS operating system (eg. from 4.1 to 4.2) you will have to re-apply the unlock from the PC.

How can I jailbreak?
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